Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1/31/2011 - Day 16 cont. - Bread making folly & a wonderful salad!

Last night I decided I would make piroshkies (or Runzas if you're from the Midwest where I was raised) from scratch in advance of having company over later on in the week. We still have a ton of cabbage left over from last week's CSA & what better use for it than yummy pockets of meaty goodness!

So while I worked on making the organic bread dough from scratch, DBF whipped up a marvelous salad & some cheesy bread for dinner. We just did oil & vinegar dressing which was really delicious with the kalamata olives, croutons, red peppers, celery, & some yummy dill cheddar from the farmers' market. It was just what my body was craving! Oddly, I hate making salad & it never sounds good to me, but when DBF makes it & when I actually put some in my mouth I ALWAYS find it delicious & gobble it up!I'll just have to have DBF make it for me more often :)

Now on to my bread making folly. Here I am kneading the dough that I lovingly created from scratch using special organic flour & yeast that I bought especially for this purpose. However, when I put the dough in the warmed-up oven with a bowl of hot water to rise, it just sat there like a lump. I waited & waited & waited for 2 hours! Still it was just as earth-bound as when I started. After some emergency internet research I found that I could add extra yeast to try to force it to rise, but I was out of yeast! So I ran out to the grocery store around 8:30pm, grabbed more yeast & hauled-ass back home. I dissolved the yeast in warm water with sugar like the internet gods told me to make sure it bubbled & that the yeast was active. Bubbles formed! So I carefully kneaded the second batch of yeast into the dough & put it back in the warm oven to rise. At 10:30pm STILL nothing! At that point, I just wrapped it up in plastic wrap & put it in the fridge. Frustrated & defeated I went to bed.

More on my bread adventure in tomorrow's post...

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