Thursday, February 10, 2011

2/7/2011 - Day 23 - CSA Delivery Day + Steak & grilled turnips for dinner

Monday is our CSA delivery day! YAY! This week we got turnips, sunchokes, onions, cameo apples, gala apples, d'anjou pears, broccoli, tangelos, cremini mushrooms (double order), kale & spinach. This definitely gives us some great options for dinners this week! :)

For dinner I grilled up the steaks we bought from the farmers' market (marinated in Worcestershire sauce, Grill Mates seasoning, olive oil, salt & a little water). We actually had 4 steaks & saved 2 for leftovers this week. I peeled the turnips & cut them into big thick slices appropriate for grilling (though I admit I lost a few to the grill gods). I seasoned the turnips with olive oil & some Fennel Salt our CSA included in our box this week as a sample. I don't like usually like fennel, but it was ground up finely & mixed with other spices. The flavor was really good with the turnips! DBF made a wonderful big spinach salad with Camembert, apples, craisins, & nuts with olive oil/vinegar dressing on the side. Accompanied with a glass of Rosé, it was the perfect start to the week!

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